In 1976, I was employed at ExxonMobil as a laboratory technician in the refinery. I only had a high school diploma and a couple of semesters at Lee College. At that time, I had underwent approximately 10 major surgeries on my hip. This was prior to the technology of the hip prosthesis that they now have. In spite of that, ExxonMobil gave me the opportunity to work for them. They saw me through 6 more major hip surgeries until my retirement in 2003. I had two additional surgeries, with the last one being the total amputation of my right leg. 

When I would have to take off for recovery after each surgery, I would take as little time as possible so that I could return to work at the company who took a chance on someone like me. They always stood by me and gave me the opportunity to become an inspector, which was my assignment at my retirement. In my wildest dreams, I could never have hoped to work for a large, highly respected company such as ExxonMobil. I just want to publicly thank the company for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to serve them in the petroleum industry.

My Dad and my father-in-law both worked for ExxonMobil, and they really encouraged me to apply for the job opportunity when it came up. Thank you very much for allowing me to share my respect and appreciation for this wonderful company as they celebrate their one hundredth anniversary.

Don Cunningham

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