Over the past 100-year’s Exxon has been a major pillar of the Baytown community. Although we tend to think of the bigger positive impact’s Exxon has on the world perhaps it’s the small things that have made the biggest impact on me personally. Most people think of Exxon as being only an oil and gas company, but Exxon is also the company that people can thank for products beyond oil and gas; items that are used in households all over the world. From producing the materials that make plastic water bottles to petroleum jelly Exxon continues to make a difference through it’s efforts providing important products to people around the world. I remember as a kid touring the Baytown Historical Museum and being beyond fascinated when walking into the large open space exhibit that honors Exxon’s History from Humble Oil’s beginnings to the present. Exxon is the main reason why Baytown is so well known today by people from around the world. Exxon put Baytown Goose Creek on the map by providing jobs for people when jobs were hard to get especially in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. Perhaps that’s the greatest memory of Exxon’s community efforts for me is remembering all the people and family members who I know personally that have worked for Exxon through the years and have contributed greatly to the success of what Exxon is today. Not many companies survive over 100 years and the ones that survive do so not because of luck but because of Hard work, good employees, and perseverance. Thank you, Exxon, for all you do for the Baytown Community.

Spencer James

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