Can you top this? Over 500 years of Exxon service.

My name is W. Winston Gardner. I was employed by Exxon for 33 and a half years, from September 18, 1961 to April 1, 1995. Most of these family members worked at least 25 years, some over 30 years; combined service is over 500 years. Listed below are relatives who work for Exxon. (D=Deceased).

1. Ellis I. Gardner - Father (D)

2. Ennis M. Gardner - Uncle (D)

3. Walter W. Gardner - Uncle (D)

4. Jack W. Gardner - First Cousin (D)

5. W.A. Read - First Cousin (D)

6.Alvin R. Smith - Father-In-Law (D)

7. Orvill Watkins - Wife's Uncle (D)

8. Roy C. Modesett - Step Father (D)

9. Dian Anderson Jones - Wife's Cousin

10. Pam Brinkley - Wife's Cousin

11. Mark Fuqua - Wife's Cousin

12. Tracey Fuqua - Wife's Cousin

13. Jason Fuqua - Wife's Cousin

14. Jared Till - Wife's Cousin

15. Jay Greer - Wife's Uncle (D)

16. Calvin Sjolander - Uncle (D)

17. George Sjolander - Mother's Cousin (D)

18. Margaret Sjolander Darlington - Mother's Cousin

19. Bernie Oates - Uncle (D)

20. Arthur L Oates - Cousin (D)

21. Nancy Gardner Cox - Daughter

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