Thank you for this opportunity to share a wonderful childhood memory.

My father, A. B. Beever, was with Exxon since it was

called Standard Oil. He was a Cheif Pumpman (Nickname 'PUMPS' on the Tankers. We lived in Galena

Park Texas. When dads ship was in Baytown docks mama would get us up at whatever time the ship came in or what time my dad was relieved by next pumpman!

Off we would go to Baytown, so excited to pick up my dad! Coming to the entry gate was so much fun for us, we knew all the men who were in the gate house, Mr Barrette was so kind to us little kids and knew us by name. See in the giant tankes so close was amazing for me. I got to go inside the tanker when I was older, saw the engine room, the galley, meet the cook. Dad would always bring the Holiday Menues home for us to read, he was fed REAL GOOD!! He would bring me books from the ships library that they were giving away. What an adventure

in those books of the sea!! His stories were tremendous! One story he would tell was during war time the ship had a 'black out' no lights on inside ship. Well, one of his buddies called to my dad for help. His buddy was trolling and had a huge fish and couldn’t get it on board, dad helped him pull it up and dragged it till they could get it to light! was the biggest tree stump of all!

My dad, even years later would relive this tale and laugh so hard the tears would flow, even us listeners would catch his infectious joy.

He loved the sea and began his life as a seamen at 17 years of age, straight from Bartending at West Point!

The gifts and candies from different ports

for us three kids from 1946 to his retirement in late 1970's I believe, we as a family were well taken care of. Many many good memories with Exxon Tankers as my fathers


Thank you for this opportunity to jump back

into a joyful time as a child.

Darlene Underwood 

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