Harris County

The Houston Health Department reported a second death from coronavirus Saturday—a woman in her 70s with underlying health problems who died Friday.

“Our city unfortunately will likely see more deaths as this pandemic touches the lives of more people in our community,” said Houston Health Department director Dr. David Persse. “We urge people to follow the Stay at Home, Work Safe order to lower the number of deaths and illnesses as much as possible.”

By Saturday afternoon, the City of Houston reported a total of 232 COVID-19 cases, including two deaths and three recoveries.

Harris County Public Health, which handles reporting for all parts of the county outside the City of Houston, has reported 160 confirmed cases, including one death and at least 13 recoveries.

At least 27 people with COVID-19 in Texas have died while more than 2,000 have tested positive, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Saturday. Officials said that more than 25,000 people in the state have been tested.

Chambers County reported its third case Friday—a man in his 50s from the east part of the county.

While orders differ somewhat between the counties, both emphasize that all residents should remain at home except for essential needs, such as food or medical care. You can also go to work, if you are an essential employee in an essential industry and your job cannot be done from home.

Only one person per family should enter a grocery store or other essential business.

Parks, except playgrounds, remain open, but people are cautioned to remain at least 6 feet away from anyone else.

Public worship services are prohibited except for online services that require fewer than 10 people to produce. One-on-one meetings necessary for spiritual and mental health are allowed if social distancing practices are maintained.

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