With the Brunson Theater building brought back to life and ready to make new contributions to the city, what’s next on the Texas Avenue renewal agenda?

You don’t have to go far to find the answer—just move a few inches to the west into the old Citizens Bank building.

The Municipal Development District budget approved by City Council Thursday includes a $1.2 million allocation for repairing and renovating that building, which is already owned by the city.

Nick Woolery, the city’s director of strategic initiatives, said the City Council has not yet determined the best future use for the building, but wants to preserve the structure and prevent further deterioration.

The planned renovation will preserve the visible front of the building as well as some of the major interior features such as the vault, but some rear parts of the building will be removed. Also, the glassed-in extension at the side of the building will be re-built.

Information included with the MDD budget indicates the finished building will be appropriate for event space or office space, but does not say when it will be put back into use.

The Municipal Development District was created by Baytown voters in 2001 by Baytown voters and collects a half-cent sales tax used for economic development projects.

Another major new project to be funded by the MDD in the new budget will be planning and design work to extend the Goose Creek Trail from its current northern limit at the Emmett Hutto walking trail north to tie into the trail being built adjacent to San Jacinto Boulevard. Funding to build that trail is expected the following year.

When the segment is complete, the Goose Creek trail will stretch from Bayland Island to Interstate 10.


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Originally I was one of those who had no vision of a renewed Texas Avenue, but I have became a convert! Keep up the good work!


I’m glad to hear that the Citizens Bank building will be restored but more offices are not going to be the answer. For the good of Texas Avenue it should be something that regularly draws people to the area. A brew house and restaurant with live entertainment would be a big draw!

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