I remember my husband telling me about the first time he heard the word Humble Oil.  It was back in the early

1960's when he was 13 years 0ld. His family had one car and the battery had died. my husband and his Dad

walked about half a mile to get to Sears to buy a new one. They had to apply for credit and the Manager was giving 

them a hard time. After quite awhile of waiting, a man wearing a hard hat with the name Humble Oil at the top, came up to the manager and said he needed to buy a washing machine. The manager asked him where he worked. As soon as the man said Humble, the manger said, "Go pick out what you need." My husband was in awe thinking all we need is a car battery and this man gets to go pick out a washing machine with no questions asked!  He said to himself that's where I want to work when I grow up!! Little did he know that nine years later he would be blessed with a job with Humble Oil!

Janie A Pequeno

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