Battleship video shoot a success

Supporters of the local “Bring the Battleship Texas to Baytown” effort form a heart near the venerable dreadnaught in this drone photo. Many took part in a video to demonstrate the enthusiasm Baytown has over the possibility of having the battleship moved to Bayland Island. The video will then be presented to the Battleship Texas Foundation. 

To bring the Battleship Texas to Baytown, Baytonians showed heart. 

At a video shoot Saturday at the Battleship Texas Historic site, about 125 people, mostly from Baytown with some from La Porte, joined Russell Hamman, a local historian who operates the “Hamman’s Baytown History…with a Twist Facebook page. Dan Gallo, a.k.a “The G-Man,” of 97.1 Country Legends, was also in attendance.   

To communicate the love and support Baytown has for the Battleship Texas and the proposal to bring the historic ship to Bayland Island, the group of enthusiasts formed a giant heart shape, which contained large American and Texas flags. A drone then snapped the photo with the battleship in the background. 

“I was so happy with the people that showed up. Spirits and morale were at their highest. Everyone was smiling and laughing, as strangers became instant new friends with a common interest and cause to bring them together,” Hamman said. “I was truly inspired by the comradery.”  

In addition to the photo, hours of video was shot to demonstrate the enthusiasm Baytown has over the possibility of having the ship moved to Bayland Island after it is repaired. The video will then be presented to the Battleship Texas Foundation. 

The video will also include testimonials by Baytonians and veterans as to why they want the ship located in Baytown. 

To get the footage, Hamman and his drone operator arrived at the Battleship Texas State Historic site at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. 

“It was pitch dark. We started filming by getting 5-feet away from the hull above the waterline,” Hamman said. “He turned on his LED external lights and lite it up in away that has never been seen before. It was spooky and eerily beautiful at the same time.” 

Hamman further illuminated the ship with two super bright handheld spotlights as the drone flew around the ship. 

“We captured the first rays of light as it began to peek over the distant horizon behind the (Texas Monument) — it was a glorious sight to behold,” Hamman said. “The ship became a giant silhouette with the orange and yellow dawn behind her. Words cannot adequately 

describe what I witnessed.”  

Hamman will spend the next week editing hours of footage to produce a promotional video that will hopefully help get the ship moored at Bayland Island permanently. 

“I can’t wait to share the video with the good citizens of Baytown when editing is finished in one week,” Hamman said. “It will be my gift to the City of Baytown and the citizens of Baytown to promote and share. The goal is for the video to go viral.”   

A one-minute trailer will be released later this week. 

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