I want to take this opportunity to update you on work that the City of Baytown is continuing on your behalf.


As we have recently seen this past week with heavy rain, our storm water system exceeded capacity and caused street flooding or sewage overflows in some parts of our city. Our public works and engineering staff is developing and are implementing actions that will help to prevent these events to happen again. We continue to evaluate areas of our city that experience these type of issues so that we can concentrate efforts and resources and properly utilize you tax dollars to provide both short-term and long-term mitigation solutions. 

We are approaching the completion of the construction of some of our streets that were in poor condition and will continue to invest in either mill and overlay or concrete reconstruction. Also, each year we continue to repair sidewalks that provide safe access to our schools. We are also constructing new concrete sidewalks for our citizens to safely walk to businesses, grocery stores, pharmacies and other needed destinations. 


You may have recently seen the new additions of public art around the city in an effort to beautify our roadways and intersections. A variety of mini murals are featured on traffic boxes near intersections depicting local art. We are continuing to focus on the landscaping of our medians along our major thoroughfares. I ask that you make a conscious decision to avoid littering and discarding of your cigarette butts when you are out and about, as the resources for us to dispatch our city crews to pick up these areas are costly and could be avoided.

Super Citizen

Over the past few months as mayor, I continue to meet outstanding citizens that are getting involved and making a difference in many ways. I would like City Council to recognize these individuals that give of themselves in making a better Baytown. I have created the Baytown Super Citizen Award to recognize their efforts. If you know of a Baytown citizen that reflects the intent of this award please forward their information and yours to

Mayor’s Blue Spoon

Baytown has many great restaurants to enjoy and I believe those that continue to provide the highest practices of kitchen sanitation practices, those restaurants should be recognized accordingly. I will provide awards for them to display in their businesses to reflect their compliance with our health standards in keeping the food you eat safe and enjoyable. Look for these certificates to be displayed in our local restaurants in the coming months.

Brandon Capetillo is the mayor of Baytown.

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