I am 3rd generation to work for the company. My grandfather and father both worked at the Kings Ranch. I am unaware of exactly how long my grandfather worked there for but I know he did retire from Exxon with around 30 years. He was a utility man and I do remember the coveralls he would wear when he came home. He would wear them everywhere around the house and out on the ranch. He took great pride in what he did and always spoke highly about his job.  My father hired in 1981 working as a utility man also at King Ranch and in 1992, he transferred to the Baytown Refinery. I believe around 20 families transferred around the same time. When he came here to Baytown he was an Electrician/Instrument Technician. He joined the fire team and made numerous fire call in the middle of the night. Some that were pretty large and scary to just a young kid. I hired on in 2013 as an Electrician as well. Once, I came out here I saw how many people respected my father and spoke highly of him of all the kind things he had done throughout the plant. I’ve ran into a lot of “old timers” out here that knew me as well from when I was little. Some people had pictures of me from when I was younger and even as a newborn baby. I also bumped into guys that used to coach me in baseball and football. The ExxonMobil family runs deep and I am very grateful to be a part of this family and continue my families tradition. I do also have an older brother who works at the ExxonMobil pipeline in Daisetta, TX. He has been there about 13 years.

Joey Starr

Construction FLS, BTRF Tight Oil Project, ExxonMobil

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