Don Cunningham

Don Cunningham

Faith is kind of strange, isn’t it? 

I don’t mean that in a sacrilegious way at all. But it’s something that people talk a lot about, yet you cannot point to it, sitting on a table, and say, “Oh look! Now, there is faith. That’s what it is right there! I told you it was real!” No, you can’t do that.

There have been thousands and thousands of books, articles, songs, blogs, and even movies about faith, yet you cannot introduce it to someone. We use the word ‘faith’ in sentences sometimes several times per day. “That guy has had the most faithful attendance in the whole school. He has never missed a day.” “She is such a nice lady. She has been such a faithful wife and mother.”

Yet, this use of this word is not exactly the meaning that this parable is about. The type of faith that I’m talking about is the word which Christians use a lot, when speaking about what the Lord Jesus Christ has done, can do, is doing, and will do. All of this without any evidence at all that it will happen. It’s based strictly on the belief that it will happen.

I have talked with a lot of people and a good number of them say that they have no faith to believe in Jesus Christ. Well, the Bible contradicts that statement with the scripture that says, “Every man has been given a measure of faith…faith enough to believe in God and His Son, Jesus (implied).”

Just think about the things you do every day which require that you have “a measure of faith.” One of the things is that we go to the store, gather up a big amount of groceries, clothing, electronics, and you walk up to the checkout counter, pull out your piece of plastic with the magnetic strip on it, swipe it on the card reader, and this pays for your merchandise. What this action also does is provide the business owner full access to your entire savings account (limited by the credit card amount.) 

Now, you’ve never met these people to whom this information is being sent. You’ve not ran a background check on them. You have no idea what crimes they may have committed, or more importantly, if they are honest enough to take just enough out of your account to pay for your purchases.

Another thing: Your vehicle is in the repair shop, so that you must rent one at one of the car rental agencies. You pay for the rental fee, get into the car, and drive off their lot. You accelerate down the highway and get up to highway speed. All of a sudden, you see the dreaded red taillights lighting up and you slam on your brakes. Thankfully, you come to a complete stop. 

You trusted that those brakes would work like they were designed to work. You had never driven that car before. You didn’t even know the mechanic’s first name who prepared the car for you to rent. You had never met the assembly line person where this car was built.

One last one: You climb aboard an airplane, headed to New York. The plane takes off, is airborne, and is making its journey toward New York. 

You have completely ignored the fact that you have never met the pilot, or seen his or her qualifications. You have no idea whether this person has ever even taken any flying lessons before. 

Yet, in all these circumstances, you put your very life into the hands of these unknown (to you) people, without question, with blind faith! 

When you are outside, you see the trees and leaves moving. You see a piece of paper or a candy wrapper moving across the street. 

What is making these things move? It’s the wind, naturally. You can’t see it, but it’s a very real force. That’s what faith is, my friend. Got faith? Sure, you do. 

God bless you.

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