Don Cunningham

Don Cunningham

“You feel me?” 

Have you heard this question before? It’s a popular saying now,  People are asking if others can relate to what they are talking about, or understand what they mean.

You know, we often complain when we must endure things which happen to us in this life. I can certainly understand that going through rough times can really take its toll on us. We sometimes go through things which test the limit of our endurance to pain. Sometimes it may be extreme nausea, lack of energy, and just not feeling well at all. Such are the things cancer patients must endure.

In particular, we never like going through bad things when we have really tried to be a good person, or seemingly haven’t done anything to deserve it. 

In cases like that, it can be very easy to blame God for our situation. We are sometimes guilty of asking God the question, “Why?” Some people even get angry at God because of an illness or tragedy. 

You know, things just happen. God doesn’t cause them. He does, however use everything that happens to us to make us better, stronger, and closer to Him.

Now, I’m certainly not condemning folks who find themselves feeling like that. I have not been through what they have. Different people react to things in different ways. A lot of it, for Christians, may be their level of spiritual growth. New Christians may not have let the Holy Spirit control their lives fully. When that’s the case, the flesh is ruling, not the spirit. I believe that God understands that, but He doesn’t want us to stay this way, either.

The Bible says that Jesus was acquainted with our suffering. He, too, suffered on the cross, pain that is unimaginable to us. So, when we suffer with pain, nausea, weakness, lack of sleep, or deep, deep grief, we have a Savior who has endured more than we have. He understands our suffering.

I have been through some pretty bad things in my life. It’s not a contest — I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone, or more special. But I can tell you this, with all honesty: With all that I have been through, and Pat can testify to this as well, we have never questioned God, nor gotten angry with Him, nor has our faith wavered. All I can say is that it’s Christ in me. 

Next time you’re going through something painful, sorrowful, terrible, which seems to last forever, ask God, “You feel me?” 

He will tell you, “I surely do.”

God bless you.

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