Don Cunningham

Don Cunningham

Back in my smoking days (1961-1982), I’d get asked the question hundreds of times: “Got a light?”

I rarely asked someone if they had one for me because cigarettes, lighter, fluid, and flints were a very high priority with me. I would seldom be found without any of them. It was high on my list of thoughts and actions. I had it bad.

After several failed attempts to quit this habit on my own, I finally went to the place where I should have gone to begin with: Jesus Christ. Now, I’m speaking from personal experience. Some of the patches, faux cigarettes, etc. have worked for a lot of people and that’s wonderful. I’m just telling you what happened to me.

Those of you who smoke or used to smoke can relate to what I’m saying. It’s pretty much all I had on my mind: When could I have another opportunity to light one up? I remember taking several young boys to a football game at Baylor. I was the leader of a Royal Ambassador group at church. I recall that Bro. Steel, our pastor, Bill Hollaway, I think, and Bill Adams were the adults who went. 

We were on a bus and it was after dark. We were driving home. I believe Bill Adams was driving. Anyway, I looked back and Bro. Steel was napping, so I eased down into the recess by the exit door in front and lit one up. I felt so guilty about that. I think I related this to you before, but a coworker, James McCauley, told me one day at work, “Here you are, a big deacon in the church, and you’re smoking!”

Well, as bad as I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right and that’s exactly what convicted me to want to quit. In fact, that is exactly when I quit. Thank you, James! Thank you, Lord! It’s coming up on 36 years ago that the Lord delivered me from it. I want you all to know that I’m not judging anyone who is still smoking. That’s between you and the Lord.

There’s nothing in the Bible about smoking being a sin. However, it does say in the very first commandment that, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” 

Where does smoking fall in your list of priorities? What comes first? What do you think about most? Where do your resources go? What do you really love the most in the whole world? 

Got a light? It ought to be Jesus! 

God bless you.

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