Don Cunningham

Don Cunningham

Over your lifetime, you’ve heard this phrase shouted out, whether it’s during a game of hide and seek, a game show on TV, or during a sports event, either novice or professional. It simply means what it says. You are out of the time allotted for this activity.

When I worked for ExxonMobil as an inspector, we were required to hold certifications in several disciplines, such as welding inspection, nondestructive testing, and refinery and chemical plant equipment inspection. These certifications were not simply a two hour classroom course, taught by a local expert. 

These were nationally sanctioned certifications, complete with practical, written, and timed exams. Each exam would last up to 3 hours. They were carefully monitored by a proctor and were timed. At the end of the examination, the proctor would shout out, “Time’s up!”.

This phrase means that the participants, if you will, have used all the time given to them, every opportunity given them, and all the patience given to them, to accomplish their assignment.

As you have no doubt heard, there is a new women’s movement with this name, called “Time’s Up!”. It was started to unite women, especially in the workplace who have been the target of sexual, mental, or physical harassment. I am sure that the threat of employment, benefits, violence, or even life has been very real in a lot of cases. I would not even attempt to judge whether they are genuine or not, but I can certainly believe that they are possible or likely.

It is a shame that a woman, who a lot of the time is the sole bread-winner in the home, must endure such treatment because they are supposedly ‘weaker’. Merely getting the job in the first place is difficult enough, but competing with other people for equal pay and treatment can really be difficult, to say the least. I would say that it’s time for ‘Time’s Up’.

There is another area that this phrase can be applied to. It has to do with the Christian as well as the non-believer. All that is necessary for us is just to take a look around us, at what we read in the newspapers, hear and see on TV newscasts, and observe in our daily lives, and we cannot help but announce to ourselves that simple statement. 

Of course, as the Bible clearly states, “…no man knows the hour or the day of Christ’s return.”. But it also says that we can observe the signs and be both alert and prepared…whenever it is. We need not only to prepare ourselves, but make sure that others are prepared. This is no time to be selfish. Within the next second, the Father could turn and tell His Son, “Time’s up!” God bless you.

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