Tommy Meekins

The year was 1978, and Barbara and I were on our first Holy Land tour to Israel. 

Since that time, we have led numerous groups to the land of the Bible. Today, I remember going to the tomb of Jesus. As we both knelt in the tomb, we felt the presence of the Lord in an amazing way. 

While we remained kneeling in the tomb where Jesus once laid, an elderly woman stepped in the tomb and said, “There is nothing here!” I calmly remarked, “Yes, that is the whole point!  Jesus rose a long time ago and because He lives, we shall live also!”

While Barbara and I remained in the tomb still on our knees, I heard the spirit of God speak to me these words: “I’m catching a healing.”

I quietly said to Barbara, “Oh my goodness, the Holy Spirit just gave me the title of the next song I’m supposed to write.” She was excited about the title of my song because she knew that when God gave me the title, He would also give me the full inspiration to complete the song.

We remained in Israel for a week and it was finally time for us to depart and go home. On our flight back to Houston, the Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart, and I got my pen and paper out ready to compose that special song, “I’m Catching A Healing.”

When we returned from our Holy Land tour, Barbara and I began singing my song in church, youth meetings, children’s church and eventually round the country. In other words, everyone seemed to be affected by this special song. Around our house, when one of the children would have symptoms of sickness, Barbara and I taught them to say “I’m catching a healing.” Instead of agreeing with the devil about catching a cold, flu or any other sickness, we would respond to those nasty symptoms and sing out loud, “I’m Catching A Healing.”

Several years ago, I was in Luby’s cafeteria in Deer Park.  I had my tray in my hand full of food and I was about to sit down and enjoy my meal.  In the meantime, I heard someone call my name from the other side of the restaurant. She screamed, “Tommy Meekins, Tommy Meekins.” I stopped cold in my tracks while a middle-aged lady walked up to me. She excitedly began telling me about how she raised her children listening to my gospel records and tapes. She continued to convey that when one of her children would have symptoms of sickness she always would play my song, “I’m Catching A Healing.” She continued to say that now she was doing the same thing with her grandchildren.  Instead of speaking sickness over them she would speak healing.

After about 10 minutes of talking with her, my lunch was as cold as ice but my heart was warm with thankfulness for the goodness of God and His inspiration to write and sing the special songs that He has given me.

On a final note, I realize how important our words are. We need to speak positive about other people as well as ourselves. Words can make us or break us. We can speak negative things about our president or we can pray positive things over all our national leaders.

As one great minister declares, “You will never realize anything beyond the words you speak. You will never have anything beyond your own words.”

When I have symptoms of sickness, I still sing these words: “I’m catching a healing, I don’t go by feelings. Two thousand years ago, He healed me head to toe. God’s word is honest. He made a promise. I’m catching a healing, and I won’t let go.”

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