Two directors from the City of Baytown were named in the Chris Traeger List of Top 100 Influencers in Local Government. The Traeger winners are determined by Engaging Local Government Leaders who collect nominations submitted from local government professionals from across the country. There were a record number of nominations this year.

Jamie Eustace was named the No. 2 most influential person in local government in the United States.  She is the only one in the top three not employed by a city with a population over 1 million citizens.

As the Sterling Municipal Library Director, she has inspired and empowered her team to break the mold of a typical library and focus on providing an exceptional level of service and experience for their customers.  

“I am both humbled and happy to make the Traeger list. ELGL does a tremendous job shining a spotlight on the many ways in which municipal workers help improve communities across the country,” Eustace said. “I am inspired by the accomplishments of the others on the list and am looking forward to contributing even more to the City of Baytown.”

Nick Woolery was recognized as the No. 11 most influential person on the same nationwide list.  

Woolery’s passion about educating the community on how local government improves lives is encapsulated in the Imagine Baytown Community Scorecard.  This interactive dashboard gives real time status updates on projects and priorities identified by the Special Planning Advisory Committee.   

“Just being nominated was extremely humbling, but to be recognized as No. 11 shows the type of team and community we have in Baytown,” Woolery said. “It’s really a recognition of the passionate public servants we have throughout our organization who want to do great things for Baytown.”

Both Eustace and Woolery will be honored at ELGL ‘19 on May 16 and 17 in Durham, North Carolina. As one of the top 10 winners, Eustace will be one of the featured speakers at the conference. 


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