Once upon a time a group of Highlands ladies got together and decided to start a book review club.  This was on March 9, 1940.

The first officers were President Mrs. F. P Noland, Vice President B. P. Hopper, Secretary Mrs. Z. V. Warren, Treasurer Mrs. C. R. Waters, Librarian Mrs. M. G. McDonald, Parliamentarian. Mrs. J. E. Kirsh. The club was not to have more than 24 ladies. The dues were to be $.25 per week, adding up to be $3 per year. 

 At the June meeting the club was full and there were four ladies on the waiting list.  The first book that was reviewed was Pearl S. Buck’s “The Patriot,” published in 1939. 

The Highlands Book Review Club is still in existence today. It is one of the two oldest book clubs in the United States.  The membership still has the same number of 24 in its membership but time has changed the number of active members down to 16.  The average age of the members is around 75. The dues have morphed into a whopping $1.25 per month or payable as $15 per year.  

Sadly all of the original members have passed away. Today’s membership consists of retired housewives, school teachers, business women and librarians.   The club meets the third Thursday of the month at the Methodist Church on West Houston where a member provides a meal and a dessert and a different member reviews a book of their own choice. 

On March 19, at 7 p.m. the club will be celebrating its 80th anniversary at the Methodist church. There will be a display of the original records and pictures from the past 80 years.  

If you are interested in joining the club or would like to view the historical documents, please contact Jeanette Jett, retired librarian from the Stratford Branch Library and Highlands Book Review Club Secretary, at 281-389-2092 (leave a message).



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