Baytown Sun photo by Michael Pineda

This hot club sandwich at The Mustard Seed was served on jalapeno bread and piled high with ham, turkey and cheese. The chips were a nice addition, served to the side for the lovely presentation on the plateware. 

Sometimes we aspire to the finer things in life. Sometimes, we simply need the tea room experience. 

What in the world is so special about a tea room experience you may ask? In my history of dining out, I have found the tea room experience to be a quiet affair in which delectable sandwiches, salads and soups line the menu waiting to be sampled. It is relaxing and although the décor can be an assault on the masculine senses, security in one’s self ensures a nice lunch. 

My first tea room experience was at The Mustard Seed on Alexander Drive. It was so enjoyable I continued to search out tea rooms, becoming a regular in Duncan where I ordered the ‘The Gentleman’ sandwich. 

Over 10 years had passed since I first visited The Mustard Seed and truth be known, it was high time I visited once again. 

It is in the same location but there are plans to relocate to Massey-Thompkins Road in March. And I will follow.

The Mustard Seed is located in Bay Plaza, which also has a tire shop. Given the state of the parking lot this cannot be a coincidence. After navigating the asphalt obstacle course I walked into a pastel dining room that smelled like wedding cake. What a wonderful scent.

I was promptly served and ordered tea, the iced variety and looked over the menu. It was kind of a dreary, cloudy day that leads some to wear a jacket. That is usually enough of an excuse to order soup. It was a horse race between the Tamale Soup and Cheeseburger Soup with the Cheeseburger cup winning by a nose. 

This soup was wonderful. I could have sworn there was some kind of Rotel in it but I am not sure. It is driving me crazy because I must have more. I have looked at 20 recipes since I left trying to find something that might emulate what I enjoyed at The Mustard Seed without success. 

By the way, they serve the soup with the spicy ranch crackers. This place does not miss an angle when it comes to crowd pleasing.

Guess you can say I highly recommend it. 

For my sandwich I went with the hot club piled high with ham, turkey, bacon and cheese. Patrons are given an option of bread, which includes white, wheat, croissant and jalapeno. Like there is really a choice to be made?

The jalapeno was pressed into a Panini and served with chips. Forget the pink décor, this meal was made for a man. 

At this point, I am a wounded duck. My goal was to try a dessert but my spirit and body could go no further. I will need to lean on others to fill in this gap. In the meantime, I will need to go back and find some more of that good soup.  

The Mustard Seed is located at 2224 N. Alexander Dr. in Baytown. It is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

There is also a Mustard Seed located at 4319 FM 565 N in Mont Belvieu with the same operating hours and days. 

Michael Pineda is the assistant managing editor for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at or 281-425-8018.


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