The charbroiled chicken bowl and spring roll with peanut sauce can fill you up for lunch for a reasonable $9 at Pho House & Vietnamese Cuisine. 

The history of the Vietnamese cultural impacts on Southeast Houston is long and well known.

One of the better fringe benefits of that influence is the offering of wonderful cuisine that came with it.

Numerous Vietnamese restaurants dot the local landscape and one of the better ones is the Pho House & Vietnamese Cuisine located at 10424 Interstate I-10 East in Baytown.

Pho, is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles (bánh phở), herbs, and meat – usually beef (phở bò), sometimes chicken (phở gà). Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and served in restaurants around the world, and the staple of Pho House.

Yet, that is not the only delicacy one can have for lunch or dinner – open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day but Sunday when they serve from 12-7 p.m. – for those connoisseurs of the cuisine or the curious.

In reality, in a more health-conscious country, Vietnamese food can be one of the better yummy offerings that would not necessarily cause you to become punished for your need for good tastings.

Pho House is a place for the happy medium.

The menu is essentially simple to a degree offering various pho, rice dishes and vermicelli along with delicious appetizers.

My personal favorite combination is the spring rolls (with peanut sauce) and a chargrilled chicken bowl – which alone can fill you for a reasonable $9.

I love the way the rolls have that perfect blend of shrimp and rice and the sauce is to dream over. Call me obsessive-compulsive disorder, but the fact the rolls don’t fall apart when you take a bite gives Pho House a bonus point of a million in my books.

I have had the pho numerous times and I personally love them all, with the fatty brisket noodle soup the leader in the clubhouse, but not by much.

The choices include eye round steak noodle, beef tendon noodle, meatball noodle, beef brisket noodle, chicken noodle, skirt flank noodle and seafood noodle.

I would change their names to awesome, awesomer, awesomer-er, awesome-like so awesome and did you say awesome, awesomer.

Yeah, that good.

For those who like a good bowl? Shrimp, pork and beef are the other offerings and the presentation – see related photo of chicken bowl – is almost like a little painting.

Not only do they want your food to look good, but it is apparent they are wanting you to take a picture of it.

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti, but thinner in diameter and the meats come in grilled form. 

This place is one of the best in Baytown and if I could I would beg the owners to just the name of Pho House to House of No. 1 Yum.


Alan Dale is the sports editor for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at alan.dale@baytownsun.com.

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