Have you seen the signs around town saying Baytown has superior water? They are signifying the city has satisfied Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements.

Martha Otero, TCEQ spokeswoman, said not every city has the signs. 

“The designation of superior status is awarded to a public water system based on the water system meeting all of the requirements listed in state regulations,” Otero said. “It is significant in that less than 10 percent of water systems in the state have the designation.”

Otero added as of Aug. 2, there are 702 systems with this designation out of 7,032 active water systems in the state.

Natasha Barrett, Baytown spokeswoman, said the city is doing the right things for quality water.

“We are appropriately training and developing our personnel, satisfying our primary and secondary water quality requirements and ensuring that our water system is well maintained,” Barrett said.

Barrett said the idea of the signs comes from the TCEQ.

“Additionally, the Baytown Area Water Authority board suggested that we install the signs to let residents know that we meet the criteria for superior water,” Barrett said. “We are proud of our system, and we want our citizens to know we are working to deliver the highest water quality possible.”

Barrett said Baytonians should be proud as well. “We take pride in ensuring that our community and our citizens have safe, quality drinking water,” she said. 

The signs could be removed if Baytown were to fail to meet the TCEQ requirements. 

According to the Texas water regulations, to receive or maintain recognition as a superior or approved water system, the system “must be inspected and evaluated by commission personnel as to physical facilities, appearance and operation. Systems that fail to meet the requirements will be denied recognition or will have their recognition revoked. The signs shall be immediately removed on notice from the executive director.”

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