Hot Spots

Food enthusiasts will have the opportunity to sample a number of dishes such as this offering from Wela’s Kitchen during the Arts and Eats Fest Saturday. 

Even though eating is one of my favorite activities, I’ve somehow never written a Hot Spots column. Now in my second day back on the job at The Baytown Sun, Hot Spots it is.

Just to make it interesting, though, my first restaurant review is for restaurants that don’t just sit there waiting for me — food trucks are more evasive than that.

If you are, like me, not an experienced food truck hunter, this Saturday will be what the professionals call a ‘target-rich environment,’ with several bringing their mobile deliciousness to Town Square for the Arts and Eats Fest.

Having several in one place at the same time, though, could take some planning.

The trucks will be at the square from 4-9 p.m., allowing five hours of prime dining time. My strategy is to start with a really late lunch, then wander through the sidewalk art display before Dessert #1. 

Catch some of the live music, and it should be dinner time and possibly Dessert #2.

Dessert options for the evening are Angie’s Cake and Kona Ice. Both sound good to me.

Main entrée options are going to be a lot harder to narrow down.

Wela’s Kitchen is the only one I have a personal experience with. It is a frequent visitor to Town Square that I sometimes patronize while I’m walking my dog in the evening. The quesadillas are yummy enough that I haven’t explored the rest of the menu, which features a variety of street tacos.

(If you’re a street taco person, start planning now to binge on May 5, when street taco trucks will flock to Town Square!)

Some of the other trucks lined up are NOLA PoBoys, Luv Me Tenders and the Cuban Spot — three food options you can’t really go wrong with.

For somewhat more adventurous palates, Nom Mi Street advertises Asian Fusion and Vietnamese food. The SalmonLicious Burger looks especially promising, and they advertise a Hash Browns Melt that doesn’t look at all like the ones at Waffle House.

Food Music Life food truck advertises the kind of really cool food I’m usually afraid to order, but usually like when I get it (though I’m frankly intimidated by “heirloom” food— it sounds like it’s spent some time in Grandma’s attic). Foodies among us will find some great selections.

Come on out, find some great food, and enjoy the evening.

Mark Fleming is a reporter for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at


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