Goose Creek

Board members sworn in

Two new Goose Creek CISD board members, along with one incumbent, were sworn in this week. 

Shae Cottar, a local realtor, will now represent District 7 while Tiffany Guy, a Barbers Hill High School counselor, is going to represent District 6. Jessica Woods, who represents District 3, was sworn in for a second term on the board. Each won their respective elections on May 4. Brandon Benoit, a local Baytown attorney, swore in each member.

After the swearing-in ceremony for the two new Goose Creek CISD board members – Shae Cottar and Tiffany Guy – as well as the incumbent Jessica Woods, the board recessed to discussed reorganizing the board. 

Agustin Loredo III is now the board’s president while Woods will serve as the board’s vice president. Ben Pape is now going to serve as the board’s secretary and Howard Sampson is the assistant secretary. Each will serve for one year. 

Student code of conduct adopted 

The Goose Creek board members approved the 2019-2020 student code of conduct. 

There are a few changes from last year’s version. Among the changes are the addition of community service projects to the discipline management techniques, and Level 1 and Level II disciplinary options. Possessing ear buds and headsets were added to the list of Level 1 violations.  

Some language was changed for Level II violations such as replacing the word “being” with “blatantly” when being disrespectful toward school personnel or school visitors. Students that use profane, obscene, indecent remarks, racially or ethnically offensive language or gestures toward people will now get into trouble if they do it to adults. “Taking and distributing images that display whole or partial nudity” is also now a Level III violation. In addition, a student can get into trouble by committing criminal mischief regardless of the cost of the damage. 

— Matt Hollis


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