Anyone conducting charitable solicitations along a public roadway in Mont Belvieu will have to first obtain a permit from the city, according to a new law passed by the City Council Monday.

Council member Ricky Shelton said that anyone soliciting on the roadway puts their life at risk, and asked if it needed to be permitted at all. City Attorney Grady Randle said that the courts recognize solicitation as protected by the First Amendment, but that some regulation, such as a permit, is allowed.

Mayor Nick Dixon asked if the city was required to post signs at intersections about the permit requirement. Randle said it was not a Constitutional requirement.

City Engineer Ricardo Villagrand presented a new drainage master plan for the city, which has some updates from the previous plan based on experience with recent floods. The master plan, he said, is a requirement for grant applications to get funding for drainage improvements.

He also updated council members on the progress of the Capital Improvement Plan.

Villagrand said work has started on retention ponds along the Langston Drive extension. He said work has already started on shaping the land for the planned park at the location, though construction of the park amenities has not begun.

Dwight Thomas, director of information and technology services, reported that the city’s MB Link broadband service is nearly a year ahead of its goal for number of customers served.

He said the city’s IT infrastructure has been upgraded with new equipment, improved security and staff training. Also, he said, all staffed city facilities are now connected by fiber.

The next step is to connect unstaffed facilities, such as water towers and lift stations, to the fiber system to improve monitoring and security.

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