As I wrote last January, my family did not make any resolutions at the beginning of the year. I usually find a New Year’s printable online and fill it out with them, but this year we had relatives in town and several appointments to keep. 

I kept moving a reminder to do so forward on the calendar, but before I knew it months had passed and I let it go. So, today I am writing about the highlights of 2019 – goals and accomplishments reached though never written.

My husband ran his first marathon in February after months of training. I finally got to yell, “Run, Forrest, run!” at him in an authentic setting. Dreams came true for both of us that day.

In April, my daughter competed at the UIL State Theatrical Design Contest and placed sixth in Individual Design: Makeup Design. She later attended the Texas Educational Theatre Association TheatreFest and placed first in two film categories, along with classmates. She also received a “Best Actress” award. I am very proud of her and her friends and I am so happy to see their hard work recognized and rewarded. 

We visited the Grand Canyon and Death Valley for the first time in June and revisited Yosemite. I want to go back to all three, preferably in the fall. 

I started going to the gym for the first time in years in June as well. I have been going consistently for six months now. I can feel and see the difference in my body. I’ve gained enough strength to add more weight to many machines and add a few new ones to my rotation. This progress took longer to attain than I thought it would, but the day finally came.   

My daughter got her driver’s license July 3. I told her it was her Independence Day. My husband and I gained freedom that day as well. No more driving my daughter to school and back each day and no more waiting for her to be released from extracurricular activities. Now she drives herself to appointments and runs her own errands. It was one of the happiest days of the year for me. I was so proud of her and so happy for my husband and myself.

November marked one year since I started drinking half sweet and half unsweet tea or three quarters and a quarter tea. And yes, I do order it that way in restaurants at times because their half and half is very sweet and I cannot believe I used to drink sweet tea straight.

Although we never made resolutions this year, we all made great strides; some of which were unimaginable in January. We chased our dreams and transformed them into reality.

Now, I plan to find a New Year’s printable that lists accomplishments from the past year and hopes for the next. And even if I don’t, I’ve learned that our lives don’t always follow a script. Sometimes we just follow our hearts, and that is enough.


Stacy Parent is a lifelong resident of Baytown.

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