A photo showing the Fisher descendants meeting “the Wood” cousins on the side of Fanny Elizabeth (Linney) Fisher at the Old River-Winfree Community Building.

It all began from people researching their ancestors, myself included. I belong to Ancestry. com and have been researching my own family. A few years ago, I did take the DNA test, more from a feeling of curiosity than anything else. As a result of being in and out of the hospital for the past five years, I have not been able to work on any of my family trees.

Approximately two months ago, in July, I received one of the Ancestry notices from someone interested in my Fisher family tree. It was late, and I was busy doing something else and I said to myself I will check on it tomonow. Well, I forgot about it. In about a week I received another notice on July 21, late in the day, so I told myself I would call the next morning.

On Sunday morning, July 22, I called the person that made the request, which happened to be Sherri Putnam Bergstrom, and when she answered the phone, I told her who I was, she immediately told me to hold on, so she could get her sister, Gloria Putnam Maxwell on the phone.

After an hour and a half of a most delightful three way phone conversation we hung up.

I sat there and thought about it. They were researching their Wood family line, my DNA showed up and evidently l was the only one that answered them. Ironically, their family line led to my Great Grandmother, Fannie Elizabeth Linney who was married to my Great Grandfather, Matthew “Matt” Stevenson Fisher. Early settlers, together with the Fisher and Barber families of the Mont Belvieu in Chambers County and Goose Creek (West Baytown area) of Harris County.

I checked with my local Old River-Winfree Community Building, found an open date for Sept. 29 and booked it. With the help of my daughter, Linda Steadham, and one of my cousins, Phyllis Duncan, who helped me get the word out to the Fisher Descendants, and invited them to a “meet and greet” of some new cousins. And from that conversation until we were able to get together “For A Meet and Greet 2018” with members of the Fisher descendants enjoying a meeting of “the Wood” cousins. Other than the rain, we had lots of Louisiana gumbo, Texas barbecue, along with a whole lot of other great food of all kinds. Lots of talking. lots of laughter, and getting to know each other.

Now, we go back to the research for the “Linney-Wood” descendants to add also to our own Fisher line for our “Gran” -Fannie Elizabeth (Linney) Fisher, whose mother was manied to Charles Linney, her mother was Sarah Perkins (Wood) thus the “Wood cousins.”

Wood cousins in attendance were Sherrie Putnam Bergstrom, Gloria Putnam Maxwell, Bobbie and James Lynes, Tracey Lynes, Jasmin Clark, Mary Bowen, Larry and Teresa Wood, Diane Wood May, Cheryll Wood Monju, Tommy Linney, Micky Wood, Shannon and Billy Dooley,

Fisher descendants in attendance Hazel, Linda and James Steadham, Arnel Cox, Trevor and Liz Stripling, Robena Clupka, Richard and Sally Shafer, son, Johnny and great-grandson Lincoln, Tish Wooten and husband, Linda Smith, Gloria Jamison and daughter Judy, Juanita Young and daughter Renee and Phyllis Duncan.

For the younger crowd that is interested in their family roots, I would advise you to follow through and get in touch with others and statt having a get together--maybe have at least a get together once a year-- FAMILY TS EVERYTHING, and at some time, you too, will be a part of someone’s history.

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