Barbers Hill students Wade Meyer (freshman) and Ali Meyer (7th grade south) along with their dad Jason Meyer draw a beautiful sidewalk masterpiece.

And a child will lead them …

That’s the hope of Signature Health Service’s Helping Hands program which hopes to bring happiness for its elderly patient clients as they battle it out with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, according to Signature Health Services Clinical & Advertising Quality Analyst Jessika Flores, the focus is appealing to kids from pre-K through high school to reach out to their patient clients and bring a smile to their faces in a dour time.

This will go on through the period of time the pandemic keeps people limited to their homes for most of the day outside of essential movement.

Signature is a skilled nursing organization that has worked 25 years with most elderly client patients who are homebound and have Medicare. 

“Our patients are safe at home and unable to leave and their kids can’t come to visit them, and we are seeing the depression side of the COVID,” Flores said. “So, this is something to help brighten their day. I have worked with seniors a long time and they love to see smiling faces of children and are unable to see that right now. So, this is about somebody taking the time to think of them.

“Hopefully, we can spread it out to the rest of the community like nursing homes and things like that.”

Signature is hoping school-age volunteers step up to draw, color or paint pictures that can be safely shared with patients in their community.

The hope is this would a weekly event throughout the public’s pause due to the COVID-19 threat and families being ordered to stay home as much as possible.

Peggy Parris, the wife of Jack, a stroke victim, is one of Signature’s patients and live in Mont Belvieu. This program is one that, Peggy believes, reconnects to the natural grandparental instincts they have. Even with a kid they might never meet.

“This time is just horrible for everybody,” Peggy said. “When you get up in our age, a postcard from our grandkids, or a picture, means a lot. Now I can’t see them unless they send me a video or picture. But there are no words on how much that touches you. 

“What Jennifer and they are doing is just wonderful. It’s soul to soul. I am telling you what, my three granddaughters are my soul. I love them more than anything. When you have grandkids and great grandkids, you continue breathing. It’s the sense of caring that a child sat down, spent and moment and tried to think about making a connection with you. They have such a sense of connection with an older person.”

Rules include liking Signature Health Services on Facebook, share their Facebook page, submit a Google review thorough their website at signaturehealthservices.net and attach the child’s name, age, grade and parent contact information.

Pictures can be mailed to Signature Health Services, 606 Rollingbrook Drive Suite 2F, Baytown, 77521 or emailed to information@signaturehealthservices.net.

The email can be used to also find out more information.

The top three pictures will be posted on Signature’s Facebook page every Friday for voting and will separated by age classifications – pre-k, grades K-2, third grade thought fifth grade, sixth grade through eighth grade, and high school students.

Picture submissions need to be complete by 5 p.m. Thursdays.

The Signature staff will select the top three contenders for each age group for Facebook followers to vote on to determine a winner. Those winners will receive recognition, an award and a $10 gift card to a local eatery.



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