Jay and Kay Eshbach, grand supporters of Baytown Little Theater, have pledged to give away 50 tickets a year for 10 years. 

Starting today, individuals can submit their name and phone number to BaytownSunContest@BaytownSun.com to be entered in a drawing to see the production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” 

The drawing will be Friday, July 12, when 25 sets of two tickets will be given away. Winners will be notified the following week, giving winners time to make reservations. 

“We’re doing it because I think more people should get involved, Baytown Little Theater is a great organization, it’s a family oriented show and it’s a great production,” Jay Eshbach said.  

As one of the most enduring shows of all time, according to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat reimagines the biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven brothers and the coat of many colors. 

The musical, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is told entirely through song with the help of the main character, the Narrator, and follows the preferred son Joseph. In the story, his brothers are jealous of their father’s favoritism toward Joseph and the beautiful coat her receives as a gift. They then sell him into slavery in Egypt, telling their father he has been murdered, but he ultimately becomes important to the Elvis-inspired, Pharaoh through his ability to interpret dreams. 

“It’s phenomenal,” Jay Eshbach said. (‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’) is one of the top five musicals we’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a hundred of them.” 

Jim Wadzinski will direct the Baytown Little Theater’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” 

Performances will be at Lee College Performing Arts Center July 26-28 and Aug. 2-4.  

Auditions for the musical will be June 2-4 at Lee College PAC, 200 Lee Drive. 

For more information, visit BaytownLittleTheater.org

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