Family, friends throw drive-by birthday party for Baytown boy

Myles Ebow watches as the cars drive past his grandmother’s house as part of his birthday party parade. The party parade was formed to honor social distancing expectations put in place to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

These days will be memorable for 9-year-old Myles Ebow of Baytown.

Yet, it won’t be just because of a COVID-19 pandemic, he also celebrated his birthday Saturday.

So, very often, this period of time – past and present – will offer plenty of memories for Ebow.

One of which will be when he decided he would do something to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus that has paralyzed the nation.

Ebow, wanting to celebrate his birthday with family and friends, knew that limitations were put in place to aid with social distancing.

“In the midst of what seems like darkness happening around the world, we’re reminded by acts of love and kindness shown by family and friends that social distancing can’t keep His light from shining,” Myles’ mother Naite Hafoka said in an email.

Myles is the son of Goose Creek Memorial boys basketball coach Marcus Ebow.

Family and friends from different states sent Myles birthday videos and messages via text message and email to share thoughts of love and well wishes for his birthday.

“On top of that, while we’re all practicing social distancing, they found a way to still celebrate him with his very own birthday parade,” Naite wrote. “This made our hearts as parents so happy so we can only imagine what he was feeling. 

“We can still see joy through these trying times.”

The party, held at his grandmother Michelle Ebow’s home, was a jungle theme party, so approximately 15 cars carrying family members came decorated in various design and drove by the welcoming birthday boy.

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