District finances remain strong

BHISD Superintendent Greg Poole advised board members Monday that, in spite of the instability in the stock market in recent weeks that the district’s foundation is back almost up to where it was before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

He also said it looks like some of the projects the district has tax value reduction agreements in place for may go slower than previously expected, but that should not cause financial problems for the district.

The district planned the recent bond issue based on very conservative financial projections, he said, so its projects can continue without leading to a tax increase.

School board delays officer election

Barbers Hill ISD School Board members tabled their scheduled election of officers Monday night due to the absence of vice president Fred Skinner.

Outgoing president George Barrera had already thanked other board members for their work during the year and Superintendent Greg Poole for his leadership when board members decided to hold off on choosing a new president until all board members were present.

Historical roll call

BHISD Superintendent Greg Poole said that he was looking through the cafeteria of one of the school buildings when he noticed a blue notebook stuck in a corner.

“It goes back to about ’84,” he said, with old recipes. 

He showed it to Lori May, a longtime district employee, who looked through it and found a hand-written recipe for rolls, written by her mother, Marilyn Clanahan Hill.

“To me, that’s the kind of stuff you put in the Hall of Honor,” Poole said. “You put famous dignitaries and such, that’s fine, but those big-time athletes couldn’t have done it without the food they were getting in our wonderful food services.”

— Mark Fleming


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