United Way of Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County announced the dates — Dec. 11, 2019 through Feb. 7 — for its annual grant funding cycle. The funding cycle includes several steps such as agency training sessions, a Letter of Intent, formally applying for funding, participating in an interview process, setting goals and determining the reporting of outcomes and outputs that are then shared with donors who make community impact possible. 

This year, electronic grant management software will be used. The Community Impact & Investment committee, led by Kaley Smith, MHA, executive director, Chambers County Health Centers, researched numerous different grant management systems. “The decision on which one to use was based on the input from several agencies and volunteers,” said Smith. “We wanted to be sure it would be a robust grant management tool that could be used for the entire cycle by applicants and the volunteers who review grant requests.” 

The local United Way funds local human service programs that align with its education, financial stability and health goals. Grant applicants go through a vetting process to ensure funds are used as intended and show outcomes and outputs that improve the lives of residents.  Each step of the process and all grants are reviewed by a team of volunteers. They make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors who then make the final program funding decisions. Local programs received $2,050,000 last year. Agencies are reporting quarterly on their work. “The new software will make it possible for easier data input by agencies and less duplication of work,” said Lori Rumfield, Director of Community Impact. “Data collection will be better managed to show donors the return on the investment of their contributions.”

Agencies may request funding for programs by first submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply. The volunteers will review each program request to determine if it is eligible to take part in the full grant process. This does not determine if an award will be made for that program. Beginning on Dec. 16, agencies can submit their LOI. Final date to participate in this critical first step is Jan. 10. LOI Training will be provided today from 1-2 p.m. or Dec. 17 from 1-2 p.m. Agencies are required to attend one of these trainings prior to submitting their LOI.

To register, contact Lori Rumfield at lorir@unitedwaygbacc.org or call 281-424-5922 ext. 1002.

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