Houston Cosplay for Charity recently delivered a new bike to Jordan Perez after his previous one was stolen on Christmas Eve. From left are, Robert Perez, Penelope Perez, Susie Cortez as Elsa, Jordan Perez and Arron Robinson as the Green Lantern.

On Christmas Eve, Baytown’s Jordan Perez found his trusty mode of transportation stolen.


So, his mother Marta decided to vent in a local Facebook group about the trials her fifth-grade son had been dealing with.

“Someone came into our yard and cut the bike chain,” Marta Perez said. “His bike was relatively new, because his original bike got stolen right when school had started. I put the post on Facebook because I was so mad.

“I was just venting and telling people to keep a look out. A lot of people started commenting and they reached out to me. It surprised me. I am extremely appreciative. It was a total shock to us. With the holidays, that was an expense we weren’t expecting and were like ‘How are we going to get a new bike for school?’ Luckily they reached out to me.”

Then came the superheroes. 

Well, more specifically, Houston Cosplay for Charity.

“He rides his bike every day to and from school with his brother (Xzavier) and that was his mode of transportation,” Houston Cosplay for Charity CEO Deadpool Gambino said. “Their parents weren’t financial able to replace the bike right now. So, we teamed up with Bike Barn and they donated a bike for us, and we delivered the bike.”

Jordan was visited by about 15 different characters.

“I am really grateful because I used that bike every day,” Jordan said. “It was cool that they came over. I didn’t know they were coming. I was wondering, ‘Why are they here?’ Then I saw the bike and I was super happy.

“The new bike is really good. It’s so much better. The first time it happened I was super surprised, the second time I was like, ‘it happens.’”

Gambino created the group when he was motivated to help and do something different following Hurricane Harvey.

“I haven’t seen anyone else doing what we are doing,” Gambino said. “It was a market no one was touching, and we are a non-profit. We do accept donations, but they go back into our costumes and items that we hand out. Nobody was doing this, and we started this after the hurricane.”

Gambino said that his organization, established in 2017, is a group of individuals who get dressed up in various Marvel and DC comic book character outfits and other famous character costumes in acts of good will to help kids ages up to 14 who fall into various categories of need.

They get involved with Shriners to blood drives.

“It’s kids with special needs all the way up to any level or mom and dad don’t have their finances figured out,” Gambino said. “We also do costume parties throughout the year.”

For more information about Houston Cosplay for Charity contact 832-384-2279.

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