I was looking forward to the new experiences this year would bring, but I did not know they would include a knee injury. While other parts of my body have proved problematic, I have never had problems with my knees – until now. 

I sustained said injury while sorting through my daughter’s giveaway pile, which accumulated during her bout with the cleaning bug. The tragedy occurred when I stood up after sitting on the floor surrounded by her things and twisted my hips before my stationary knee caught on to what was happening. 

I only experienced mild pain at the time, but two weeks and a few gym visits later, my knee locked up as I turned to sit down on the couch. That’s right, I have the ability to get hurt while at work and leisure. I have also been going to the gym consistently for seven months, so it makes sense that I would sustain my first knee injury after strengthening my muscles. Not!

Interestingly enough, my dear mother-in-law injured her knee shortly before I hurt mine. Life is funny that way. I guess you could say I am suffering from a severe case of sympathy pain. 

In that spirit of sharing, the pain from my knee travels down the side of my leg to my ankle. I have Googled my symptoms and know I may need to see a doctor in time, but for now I am resting in the hopes that my knee will heal on its own. 

However, I am still going to the gym while avoiding activities that require the bending of the knee. I am also bingeing shows on Netflix and watching “Doctor Who” on my DVR since Amazon Prime no longer offers it as part of my membership. Fortunately, there was a marathon in the days leading up to January 1 so I have 138 episodes recorded.

I also intend to entitle this column similarly to the one I wrote at the end of last month. It may be redundant, but I can’t think of a more appropriate description of my year up to this point.

I think my mother-in-law would agree. 


Stacy Parent is a lifelong resident of Baytown.

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