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Tajin offers a nice breakfast at a reasonable price. Pictured above is a sausage and egg biscuit with an order of hash browns. Coffee and a bottle of grape Fanta were used to wash it down. 

The Tajin Mexican Café is a place many frequent for lunch, but this time, I wanted to give their breakfast a try. 

Normally, you can enter the little building on North Alexander Drive and South Shepard Drive and choose from an array of treats such as exquisite tortas, street tacos, burritos, or even a Mexican burger. But they also have a breakfast menu that has as much appeal as the lunch menu.  

Not to overdo it with pancakes and such, I went with the eggs and biscuit with sausage. I added some hash browns, coffee and made the unusual choice of getting some grape-flavored Fanta to go with it (I normally imbibe on some milk for breakfast, but gave in to temptation). 

So, the eggs and sausage came together on the biscuit. The biscuit tasted like it was freshly made in the kitchen, as it had that tinge of doughy taste but cooked through enough to satisfy. The scrambled eggs could rival any Mexican restaurant’s and the sausage, although in tiny bits, was good. 

The hash browns were a little drier than I like, but I did finish them off. 

You cannot go wrong with grape-flavored Fanta, even at breakfast (although if you are suffering from diabetes, I would not recommend it).

Also on the breakfast menu are various “omelettes.” Chicken, fajita, ranchero, bacon, sausage or ham – all are certain to delight your appetite. Then there are other choices such as Migas, which has eggs, tortilla strips, cheese, beans, onions, tomatoes, and your choice of grits or hash browns. Or try the Mexican Breakfast Burger. It comes with cheddar cheese, one egg, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, all with a huge beef patty. There are egg platters with ham, chorizo, sausage, rancheros, bacon, fajita, machaca or potatoes. 

Of course, there is no shortage of breakfast tacos on Tajin’s menu. You name it, they have it. 

Overall, if you want something different than McDonald’s breakfast menu and you do not feel like getting a box of doughnuts, Tajin’s breakfast is not a bad decision for your first meal of the day. It offers a cozy, clean atmosphere, good food at reasonable prices, and you can even watch your favorite morning show while you are eating. They’ll even throw away the trash for you. 

Tajin’s is located at 200 N. Alexander Drive. It opens from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day except Thursdays, when it closes at 6 p.m. Tajin’s is closed Sundays. 

The phone number is 281-422-9111, and you can visit the restaurant’s website at


Matt Hollis is a reporter for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at 

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