Breakfast is highly recommended at the Cuban Café in West Town Shopping Center, 4232 Decker Drive, in Baytown.

Since we’re celebrating America’s 243rd birthday, I decided to eat a favorite breakfast food of mine that was brought over to this great nation, like many traditions and foods, by early European settlers. 

French toast, by any other name, is a delicious soaked egg and milk concoction that is fried and sometimes served with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and is surprisingly traced to Roman times.     

The name “French toast,” however, was first used in 17th-century England before it made its way to America. But in France, it’s called “pain perdu,” meaning “lost bread.” This is because people made French toast from stale bread to make use of bread that would otherwise have been thrown away. 

While the history is interesting, the taste is far better and has become a favorite of my daughter’s, as well. But Nevaeh doesn’t pour maple syrup over her toast but rather dips it — making the French toast bites at the Cuban Café the ideal breakfast meal for her. 

I have to admit in the nearly four years that I’ve lived in Baytown, and less than a mile from the Cuban Café, I have never tried their breakfast, which is a shame. 

With several choices, ranging from an omelet, breakfast sandwich, traditional breakfast plate and French (more accurately Roman) toast, there is something for everyone. 

While Nevaeh and I enjoy a carb-filled, sugar-heavy morning meal, Rachel is a bit more conventional and ordered the mini Cuban breakfast sandwich. To top it off, we enjoyed the café’s dark chocolate and white chocolate mochas.   

Along with a side of sausage for me, bacon for Nevaeh, and home-fried potatoes, the French toast meal was more than enough. 

As the star of the dish, the French toast had the perfect balance of softness with just enough browning that I could taste notes of vanilla. The drizzled powdered sugar added a nice sweetness, so I sometimes elected to eat the French toast without syrup. 

But for my daughter, soaking, not dipping, is the preferred ritual that must never be omitted.  

The large medallions of sausage were a nice transition of savory along with the home-fried potatoes. 

After four or five of the French toast bites, along with all the sides, I was beyond stuffed and extremely satisfied with the $7 meal. 

While I only got one bite of Rachel’s mini Cuban breakfast sandwich, it too was very good. The pressed sandwich, topped with eggs, American cheese and sausage (you can choose from sausage, ham or turkey) was just the right size to fill you up. The $5 sandwich was also easy to handle and would be a great meal to eat on the go. 

The Cuban Café serves breakfast and lunch from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. They are closed Sundays. The Cuban Café is located in West Town Shopping Center at 4232 Decker Drive in Baytown. Visit them online at cubancafe.net, call 281-424-2233 or find them on Facebook. 

Christopher James is a reporter for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at christopher.james@baytownsun.com.


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