The Shane Detwiler Foundation donated $7,900 for the purchase of 60 Trauma Kits to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Holding check on left, Secretary Cindy Abshier and on right, CEO/President Cheryl Railsback while LCSO Sheriff Bobby Rader and personnel looks on. (Submitted photo)

On Wednesday a most generous donation of roughly $7,900 for 60 Trauma Kits was given to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office by CEO/President Cheryl Railsback and Secretary Cindy Abshier of the Shane Detwiler Foundation. These trauma kits are to be used primarily for injuries to peace officers who have been badly wounded in the line of duty. However, these kits that consist of tourniquets, compress gauze, aluminum splints, chest seal, quick clot and various other medical items could also be used to give emergency assistance to injured citizens prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical personnel at a scene. 

The Trauma kits will be distributed to the uniform Patrol Division within the next few days with all deputies already trained in their proper care and use according to Sheriff’s Captain Billy Knox who spearheaded this endeavor with the Shane Detwiler Foundation.

The Shane Detwiler Foundation was formed by Cheryl Railsback, mother of Chambers County Deputy Sheriff Shane Detwiler who was killed in the line of duty while answering a call of a disturbance with a gun involved on July 13, 2009. The Detwiler Foundation makes such donations to area law enforcement agencies when their  governmental agencies budget cannot afford such life-saving equipment. In the past the Foundation has donated several Tasers to the LCSO and other equipment to many other agencies that finds a need that normal budgets cannot support.

The Foundation itself, according to Railsback, derives its financial support from two fundraisers per year in addition to a golf tournament in the fall. According to President Detwiler, the Foundation started in order to give other Officers life-saving necessities as well as to give scholarships to local students in the area. This helps to continue our mission of honoring Shane and his short life, according to Railsback. 

Focusing on this badly needed asset for Patrol Deputies, LCSO Division Commanders Capt. Billy Knox and Capt. Robert Dunn joined forces to seek funding for such Trauma Kits. In a letter requesting these kits, Knox expressed a need for the kits the agencies limited budget was not able to address and it was at this point the Foundation stepped up and donated monies for the Trauma Kits.

Knox said that Sheriff Bobby Rader and the entire Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is very appreciative of the donation for this life-saving equipment and the agency thanks Cheryl Railsback and the Shane Dewiler Foundation for this gift and their continuing support.

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