The Old River Masonic Lodge No. 142 awarded teachers Kristina Baggett and Lauren Grigsby with Mirabeau B. Lamar Awards for teaching excellence and celebrated Barbers Hill students Anna Penrod, Madison Steadham and Fidel Anaya receiving of scholarships to help with their collegiate choices. Back row from left, Fidel Anaya and Old River Masonic Lodge No. 142 Worshipful Master Kevin Turner; Front row, from left, Anna Penrod, Kristina Baggett and Madison Steadham. Not pictured: Lauren Grigsby.

The Old River Masonic Lodge No. 142 presented two teachers and three students with scholarships to celebrate the achievements of all five.

Barbers Hill students Madison Steadham, Anna Penrod were granted $2,000 scholarships from the lodge while Fidel Anaya was given a $1,000 scholarship from the Mont Belvieu chapter of the Order of the Eastern Stars.

The Mirabeau B. Lamar Award of Excellence were presented to Lauren Grigsby (Special Education at Barbers Hill Middle School North) and Kristina Baggett (Third Grade, Barbers Hill Elementary School North).

Penrod, who will attend Texas Tech, said the award is always appreciated. She plans on chemical engineering and hopes to work in one of the refineries and become a plant manager. “The award is an amazing honor and it helps me go and get what I want to do,” Penrod said.

Future Lee College student, Stedham, is going to study business and human resources. “It’s a real honor getting this award,” Steadham said. “I want to work at the plants and be on one of the committees.”

Also, Anaya will go to Lee College and he expects to study kinesiology. “I am blessed to get this award,” Anaya said. “It helps my family out.”

Baggett, who was named elementary teacher of the year for the district by her peers, was humbled by another award. “To receive the Mirabeau B. Lamar award having been a Lamar graduate for both my bachelor and master’s is an honor,” Baggett said. “It puts in perspective what I am doing for the kids and for my district as meaningful for the community. It makes an impact.”



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