The J&J Asian Cafe has so many good things to eat including this China Town Stir Fry lunch entree accompanied by crab rangoon and miso soup.

There are so many different ways to wax poetic about J&J Asian Café, 6325 Garth Road Suite 110, that it took me longer to figure out how to than to actually write this.

So, I thought long and hard about how to go about telling the fine folk of Baytown just how good J&J’s is and failed until it was too good to pass up:

J&J is simply A-OK.

I mean every bite I took was dynamite like TNT. Each meal I took was so bursting with joy to the taste buds that it was more WOW than anything else.

Seriously though: J&J was so good that it was like taking off to the moon like NASA.

OK enough with that, but seriously, seriously, J&J is a fantastic place if you want to spoil yourself with rich tastes that come at reasonable prices.

I happened to hit the lunch menu and ended up getting their version of crab rangoon – six come in an order – some miso soup and then my entrée of China Town Stir Fry.

All this for less than $15.

The rangoon impressed me mightily since when I usually order this elsewhere, I get crunchier outside and just a little bit of that tasty cream cheese and friends in the middle. Here? Oh, heck no. My palate was awash with a strong, warm feeling from the crispy outside, before being flooded with blissful cream cheese and what makes rangoon so rangooney. 

The miso soup was conventional, but not disappointing and both set the stage for the main event.

To say China Town Stir Fry is good would be a crime of understatement history. It is not good; it is quite frankly? Great.

You not only get a huge portion of food, but they also give you plenty of rice so that you don’t have that feeling of eating half the main course on its own.

The balance allows for the perfect blend of white rice (other rice is available) and meat.

Oh, and the meat…the meat … I had to send out an SOS … OK I’ll stop now.

My choice of meal is sautéed shrimp, beef and chicken mixed with vegetables and brown sauce.

I had to tell all my friends who were texting me I’d BRB because I had a date with my future wife’s only meal, I will demand she cook for me.

I mean. Wow.

It was so good that my taste buds were literally sending Morse code to my brain for it to become engulfed with better feelings than when a new Star Wars movie opens.

Yes, that good.

It was a very good experience for my tummy and the restaurant itself does one thing I really appreciated: It didn’t try to overly impress you with décor to try to impress us that “see look at us, we are authentic!”

Nope. They have a comfortable setting with little splash on the walls and all their efforts focused on the food.

The food … oh that marvelous food.


J&J Asian Café is open from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 

Alan Dale is the sports editor for The Baytown Sun. He can be reached at alan.dale@baytownsun.com


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