Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital achieved a significant milestone this fall when colorectal surgeon Dr. Ziad Kronfol performed the hospital’s 1,000th robotic surgical procedure.

Utilizing the da Vinci robotic surgical platform, Kronfol performed the minimally-invasive procedure on October 31 on a male colon cancer patient. Used by colorectal, general, cardiothoracic, obstetrics and gynecology and urologic surgeons at Houston Methodist Baytown, robotic surgery procedures help reduce the risk of complications, pain and recovery time.

“It was an honor to perform the 1,000th robotic surgical procedure at Houston Methodist Baytown,” Kronfol said. “Robotic procedures offer improved visualization and instrument articulation, which enables a more precise dissection and utilizes the smallest incisions possible. This allows the patient to recover faster and return to normal activities much faster than before.”

In robotic surgery, the robot translates surgical movements to perform fine, controlled maneuvers inside the body through very small incisions. The robot improves the dexterity of the surgeon’s hand, allowing for complex operations to be performed with increased accuracy. The da Vinci platform provides 3D, high definition vision and utilizes four interactive mechanical arms.

Denise Martinez, Houston Methodist Baytown’s director of perioperative services and the ambulatory surgery center, says the milestone procedure is a testament to the trust Baytown area patients have placed in the hospital’s skilled surgeons.

“Our patients benefit from the skill and expertise of our surgeons’ use of the da Vinci robotic system to perform minimally invasive procedures that allow for quicker recovery, which helps them return to their normal activities much quicker,” Martinez said.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Laura Choi, chair of Houston Methodist Baytown’s Robotic Committee, said surpassing the 1,000th procedure threshold is a celebration of the commitment the surgeons and the hospital have made to providing unparalleled care. 

“The 1,000-case milestone is important because it not only reflects the initial investment in this state-of-the-art technology by Houston Methodist Baytown, but the commitment of the surgeons and surgical teams to provide a value proven innovation to our community,” Choi said. “It also shows the level of experience we have accumulated in a short amount of time with excellent outcomes.” 

For more information on the full range of robotic and general surgical procedures available at Houston Methodist Baytown, visit houstonmethodist.org/baytown or call 832-556-6046.


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