During the last couple of months I have come across a lot of unique items while shopping online. Some I happened upon by chance, while others were introduced to me by a friend. In the spirit of supporting small businesses during this time and simply because I love what I have found, I would like to share the products here so that others may be blessed as well. 

My cousin sent me a box of Life Around 2 Angels bath bombs and they are altogether aromatic and lovely. They dissolve at a pleasant pace and leave bath water both scented and tinted. 

I have made many a purchase on Etsy and my favorite is Urban Industrial Craft’s table lamp. Mine has a round Edison bulb with a brass dimmer socket and a rustic oak wood finish. 

It brightens my bedroom as well as my spirits and I am scouting my house for locations to place more. 

You may choose the type of bulb, socket and wood finish you would like. I highly recommend the silver or brass dimmer sockets as the other finishes do not have this option. 

There are also other types of lamps, including bookends and wall sconces. 

Shipping times are approximately two weeks as these are handcrafted items but they are well worth the wait. 

Ordering masks online is hit or miss, but my favorite so far is the contour mask with filter pocket crafted by My Greatest Joy Designs. I liked the first one so much I ordered two more in different designs. (I like my masks to match my clothes.)

And no, the Banksy and Doctor Who masks I ordered do not match my usual color scheme but they were too cute to resist. 

I am also partial to my Gibbaeum Heathii living stone plant from Micro Landscape Design. It is an eye-catching shade of green and beautiful to behold. 

As I attempt to grow the dwarf sunflowers I bought from Pinky’s Seed Company, I am reminded why I usually stick to succulents and cacti. Nevertheless, there is hope yet and perhaps one day soon I shall see them flourish and bloom. 

I am so glad I ventured onto Etsy one day and discovered the many treasures there. I made my first purchase on December 3, 2016, but I didn’t start visiting Etsy consistently until 2019. I have purchased many a gift there for others and myself, along with plants and necessities. 

If you haven’t already, perhaps you’ll venture there yourself and see there are many delights to behold. 


Stacy Parent is a lifelong resident of Baytown.

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