Baytown couple Jepp and Lynette Busch wave hello to cars passing by their home Wednesday as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. 

It appears that Jepp and Lynette Busch have this marriage thing figured out.

The longtime Baytown couple, who have made an imprint on the city, have done plenty to impact each other for the past 60 years.

The couple commemorated the milestone Wednesday when a number of their friends and family partook in a two-dozen car parade that honked their horns and deposited a number of gifts on the happy couple’s lawn.

Both admitted they did not see this moment coming when their daughters Jepilyn Mathis and Tami Eldridge set this up from afar as they live in New York and Montgomery, Texas.

“It was a total surprise, we never saw it coming,” Jepp said. “It really gives you an uplift with everything going sideways like it is. This is extra special.”

The two had been on the phone with their daughters talking about the big day, but a parade? That caught them off guard.

“This? No,” Lynette said. “It was an awesome thing. Our girls really pulled it off on us.”

The couple were both longtime members of the Goose Creek CISD system in numerous capacities and, after they retired, they have offered their time to volunteering.

Both grew up locally – Lynette in Baytown and Jepp in Mont Belvieu.

“He’s been here 60 years with me,” Lynette said.

How did those years happen?

“It comes one day at a time and loving this man,” Lynette said.

“You also say ‘yes, dear what in the world was I thinking,’” Jepp said. “You work things out: You work at it. Too many young people nowadays have a problem and then go the opposite ways. Marriage? To make it work you have to work at it.”

Jepilyn couldn’t make it to the parade due to living in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They are an inspiration and a role model for myself and for my sister,” Jepilyn said. 

“It’s about how a marriage works and looks like. They support each other and are the definition of family. They put us first always and they still do.

“They know how to work together. They impacted my own marriage – I have been married 36 years – and we come from a long line of solid marriages in our family. That sets the stage for the future of hopefully our children as well.”

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Mr. Bush was one of my teachers and I graduated in 1965. Great man. Congrats you two love birds.

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