Pilot Club

Pilot Club of Baytown honored honorary Pilot and retired Lifeline installer Bill Lucas (in front). In back are Pilot members Allene DonCarlos, President-Elect Susan Pitts, Helen Gerlich, Courtesy Area Leader Carla Start and Judy Wheat.

Pilot Club of Baytown honored and thanked honorary Pilot and retired Lifeline installer Bill Lucas with flowers, gifts and a very nice visit at his Swan Manor location.  

Bill joined the Pilot Club as Lifeline installer in 2004 and contributed in that area for many years. Bill’s wife, Mildred Lucas, was an active Pilot member for 36 years and passed away in 2013. P

In 1982, the Pilot Club of Baytown and the Evening Pilot Club of Baytown formed the Lifeline Systems of Baytown, a non profit organization. Lifeline is a communications device to be worn on the wrist or around the neck that ensures prompt caring help is available at the press of a button 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.  The button signals Lifeline, who in turn gets help quickly in the case of a fall or urgent illness. Lifeline personal response service also allows the phone to be answered from any room in the home simply by pressing the button. There is also an option for reminders to manage medications.  Pilot volunteers go to the homes to install the units and instruct the use of the equipment as well as handle the billing. Lifeline applications and inquiries should be directed to the Lifeline office - www.lifelinesystems.com or by calling 281-428-3359.

For more information about the Pilot Club and information about becoming a member, contact Judy Wheat at 281-424-7838, www.pilotclubofbaytown.org,  https://www.pitexasdistrict.org or The Pilot Club of Baytown Facebook page.


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