For the second time in less than two years, acclaimed Catholic actor and producer Leonardo Defilippis is returning to Baytown for a performance at the St. Joseph Family Center, 1912 Carolina Street.

This time Defilippis and his wife, Patti, will present the one-man play “The Passion According to Saint Luke” at 7 p.m. Saturday. Doors open at 6:30.

Tickets for the production are priced at $10, but front row tickets can be purchased for $30 and second and third row seats are available for $20.

Tickets may be reserved by calling the St. Joseph Catholic Church office at (281) 420-3588, or by going to the church website at

Billed as a “beautiful, deeply moving and dramatic portrayal of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,” St. Joseph’s pastor, the Rev. Dwight Canizares, feels the timing couldn’t be better with the church heavily involved in the Easter season.

“I believe this wonderful production can give us another chance to observe the sacrifice the Lord made for us all,” Father Canizares said. “I am so happy we are able to host this important play just a week before Easter.”

Many Baytonians know what renowned work Defilippis does. 

In November of 2012 he performed in “Maximilian, Saint of Auschwitz” at the St. Joseph Family Life Center.

“Anyone who saw that performance knows to expect nothing but the finest from Leonardo,” Father Canizares said. “He brings the lesson of our Lord and Savior to life.”

“Passion” begins with Jesus entering Jerusalem and follows His final days through the Last Supper, suffering and dying on he cross, and His resurrection.

The play is directed by Patti Defilippis.

Leonardo Defilippis is the founder and president of St. Luke Productions and Luke Films, located near Vancouver, WA. He has produced, directed, and starred in live theatrical productions, films, television and radio programs, including the 2004 feature film “Therese,” which appeared in theaters across America.

Therese was the first major motion picture distributed solely by an independent Catholic film company and funded entirely by donations.

More information on Passion can be found at or at www.


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