Baytown Police said Walter Pickering, 25, who is suspected of killing 32-year-old Glen Flowers, turned himself in to authorities Friday night.

He was arrested and booked into the city jail. 

Flowers suffered one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead when Baytown EMS arrived at the Valero, 1601 N. Alexander Drive, at 12:12 a.m. Friday.

Police initially believed that the Baytown resident was a bystander who was randomly shot during the incident. Baytown police confirmed that the two men knew each other.

“The men were acquaintances,” said Baytown Police Spokesman Lt. Eric Freed. 

Several witnesses told police officers that a man shot Flowers and immediately drove off in a gray Chevy pickup truck. Witnesses were also able to give police the license plate number of the truck, which was registered to Pickering.

“One witness memorized his fleeing truck’s license plate which is registered to him and several witnesses picked him out of a photo array,” said Freed.

Detectives interviewed several witnesses who said Pickering and a Hispanic female were arguing while at the gas pumps.

Pickering then turned toward Flowers, cursed at him, shot him and drove off in a 2007 silver Chevy pickup truck with Texas license plate number CGX-7280.

Baytown police detectives were asking the public for any assistance in locating Pickering before while he was still at large.

They released Valero video surveillance footage that shows Pickering shortly before and after the shooting. Because of a camera glitch, the actual shooting was not captured on video.

On the footage, Pickering is wearing a white “wife beater” type shirt, black shorts and is seen leaving in the silver Chevy truck. That footage can be seen at

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