The new segment of Hunt Road from the H-E-B store to North Main Street is expected to open with its full four-lane width about mid-September, with the new traffic light at North Main going online at the same time.

That was one of the updates given to members of the Baytown Redevelopment Authority and board of Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 1 board of directors at a Tuesday afternoon meeting.

The joint board oversees the public improvements in the zone, most visibly the construction of San Jacinto Boulevard.

In a TIRZ, the city commits taxes received from newly constructed property to public improvements in the immediate area for a set number of years. In this case, the debt the city took on to build the new roadway will be repaid from the higher tax revenue received when the area develops.

The other new segment of Hunt Road, from San Jacinto Boulevard to John Martin Road, should open in late September or October.

The final segment of San Jacinto Boulevard, which will connect the existing segment to Bush Road at Cedar Bayou Lynchburg Road, is on track to open in November.

It had been scheduled to open this month, but it took longer than expected to get clearance from the county to modify the intersection at Cedar Bayou Lynchburg, which is a county road.

Most of the meeting covered development in the San Jacinto Boulevard area, with representatives of several landowners and developers attending the meeting.

A new apartment complex in the area is getting its first residents.

Other projects are waiting for resolution of stormwater detention on the site, where city regulations do not allow onsite detention.

The plan is for regional detention in two north-south ditches and in a widened county drainage ditch that crosses the property in an east-west direction.

The board discussed, but did not vote on, ways to get the detention facilities built before all of the properties are occupied, then have property owners reimburse the cost of their part.

Two projects were represented at the meeting that are waiting for a resolution of the detention issue before they can start construction.

One is a hotel on the northwestern part of the property and the other is a hospital and professional building complex on the east side of the property.

San Jacinto Boulevard was built to take some traffic off of Garth Road and also to have an upscale walkable neighborhood with housing, retail and employment centers.

City Manager Rick Davis said, “We are looking at everything that comes in on San Jacinto to elevate the level of our community.”

Davis also told the group that the Texas Department of Transportation expects to let the contract soon to modify the freeway ramps near San Jacinto Boulevard, and construction will take about a year.

The current entrance ramp will be replaced with an exit ramp, and the current exit ramp replaced by an entrance ramp, with will improve access to the new street.

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