What the president does or fails to do never ceases to amaze me. He’s made first term priorities of trying to kill or amend every program that was either started by or improved by President Obama and Vice President Biden. You can see the hate in his eyes as he boasts about doing so. Very few days pass that he doesn’t send a nasty tweet or take a verbal swipe at Obama or Biden or even Hillary. He even consistently says unbelievable things about almost every member of former member of his own administration. He has truly been the most disturbing president of my lifetime (nearly 70 years starting with Truman). Richard Nixon was a holy man and a pussycat compared to the guy.

I don’t envy Joe Biden and his running mate choice, whoever she may be. The first thing our new president must do is completely rebuild the government and place qualified people back into position’s that will get this nation back in the game with the rest of the world. You can be assured that leaders from around the globe will turn back to the U.S. and offer new hope for world peace once again because they will have a world leader that has already earned their respect.

With our country facing a deadly pandemic, instead of demonstrating at least some concern, he continues to point fingers and fire staffers for reasons that he is partly responsible himself. The president turns a blind eye on Putin and Kim Jong-Un as they continue to run amok, yet he has no interest in confronting them because there’s nothing in it for him. All of the news outlets including Fox are calling him out on many of his recent rages and denials. When the president or a member of his team is questioned, they simply play the “fake news” card or, as well all saw on national TV, he just walks away or says “another hoax.”

Bottom line: we deserve better. Once he is defeated, he may have to be taken by force from the White House but he will probably quote his favorite line as he exits. “I am the only president in history to do this.”

Let’s stop trying to make America great again. She was great long before he got here. Let’s just get her back. Let’s make this happen – Senate and all.

Philip Prater


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