Firefighters in Crosby stepped up to the plate after an anonymous person called 9-1-1 and told them she had left her baby outside the door of a fire station. 

Assistant Chief Michael Sims with the Crosby Fire Department said their dispatch center notified them about the baby.  

“The firefighters working the shift were notified a baby was left on the fire station front door,” Sims said. “The baby was wrapped up in a blanket in a carry-all bag is my understanding.”

Sims said the firefighters took the baby inside around 3 a.m. Monday. 

Sims added he was told the baby was about two hours old. 

“They brought it in, took care of it until it was taken to the hospital,” he said. “Our guys found the child, brought the baby in, and EMS was notified at the same time that police were notified by dispatch.”

Sims said he believes EMS took the baby to the hospital where the infant was reported to be good condition. 

Sims said his firefighters knew what to do once they heard a baby was on the station’s doorstep.

“Most of us have kids, so we’ve already been there,” he said. “ As far as I was told, they did exactly what needed they needed to do. They did a good job. There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in something like this.” 

Sims said EMS arrived on the scene within a few minutes to take charge of the baby. 

Under the Safe Haven Law, or the Baby Moses Law, parents that cannot care for their child and leave their infant at a designated safe place – such as a fire station – are not prosecuted for abandonment or neglect as long as the baby is 60 days old or younger. The parent’s identity remains confidential, and the baby will receive proper medical care. 

Sims said he was happy the woman chose a fire station to drop the baby off.

“That was the biggest thing, calling and dropping off at fire department,” Sims said. 

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